Hong Kong International Flute Competition

Competition Notification

We appreciate the enthusiastic participation of all contestants.
The organizing committee will allocate the schedules for each game session based on the registration situation. We will send individual participation notifications to each contestant at a later time. Please be patient and wait for the notifications.


All confirmation emails have been sent out.

Confirmation emails for all the qualifiers have been sent out. Please check your email to confirm your qualification status. The competition will take place between May 1st, 2024, and May 4th, 2024, and the specific competition time will be notified to participants after the registration deadline, once all the details are arranged.

To ensure that you receive the latest updates in a timely manner, please keep a close eye on our official website for notifications. We will announce the specific competition time and other important information on the official website.

Result Announcement

The list of finalists for the 3rd Hong Kong International Flute Competition will be announced on January 27th. In order to provide a quicker and more convenient means of notification, we will inform all qualified participants through Online and Email channels. Please be sure to check your email inbox after January 27th to see if you have received our notification.


LATEST UPDATE  – Delay in Announcement

Thank you to all flute enthusiasts for your enthusiastic participation!

This year’s competition has attracted flute enthusiasts from Russia, the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, among others. The judges wish to have more time to review each preliminary video. Therefore, the organizers have decided to delay the announcement of the shortlisted candidates until January 27, 2024.

During this period, no further changes or new registrations will be accepted. We are committed to ensuring a fair evaluation for all participants. Once again, we appreciate everyone’s support!



The submission period for the 3rd Hong Kong International Flute Competition has ended. The Organizing Committee will no longer accept any competition videos or make any changes to the contestants’ application details. Please stay tuned to our website for the competition results. The final scores will be announced on the webpage on January 14, 2024.


  1. Preliminary Registration and Submission Videos:
    • Begins: December 1, 2023
    • Deadline: January 3, 2024
  2. Finalists Announcement:
    • Date: January 14, 2024
    • Announcement method: On our website
  3. Final Registration:
    • Open: January 14, 2024
    • Deadline: February 5, 2024
  4. The 3rd Hong Kong International Flute Competition (On-site Competition) will take place from May 1, 2024, to May 4, 2024.


Co-organized by the Hong Kong Flute Association and the Hong Kong Flute Academy, the 3rd edition of the Hong Kong International Flute Competition (HKIFC) will take place from 1st May 2024 to 4th May 2024 at the Hong Kong City Hall, specifically in the Recital Hall, Theatre, and Concert Hall.


  • Paul Edmund Davies
  • Shigenori Kudo
  • Vincent Lucas
  • Michel Bellavance
  • Lin Yi Hui
  • Yan Qi
  • Ni Yi Zhen
  • Lam Wing Cheung
  • Daniel Park Hai Sung
  • Yew Kia Koh
  • Matthew Wu