Hong Kong International Flute Competition

Specifications of Video Recording

  1. Contestants must follow the below order in recording the video:
    (Please refer to our demonstration video under “Resources”)

    1. Announce the competition level, contestant’s full name and repertoire in English. For ensemble categories, the representative should announce the competition level, his or her full name and repertoire, and the other members of the ensemble can announce their names according to the parts they play.
    2. A form of photographic identification (Photo ID/ Passport) is required for identity and age verification, contestants must present their photographic identification (Photo ID/ Passport) in front of the camera for at least 5 seconds. Contestants of the ensemble categories must present their identification documents at the same time.
    3. If music scores are used, show the cover of the original score in front of the camera for at least 5 seconds.
    4. Contestants shall be disqualified if the identity document in the video entries cannot clearly show the name, age and photo of the Contestants.
  2. If contestants perform the same piece repeatedly in a video, only the first performance shall be adjudicated.
  3. Contestants shall be disqualified if they fail to comply with the below guidelines:
    1. The video must be a single, continuous shot video footage. Contestants must not stop or pause the camera during shooting.
    2. Special effects (such as filters, transitions, colour adjustments, light adjustments or subtitles etc.), mixing, editing or post-production are not permitted.
    3. The video must be recorded live and no dubbing is permitted.
  4. Contestants’ scores shall be affected if they do not observe the below:
    1. The audio and video should be synchronised, the sound quality should be clear and smooth.
    2. The resolution of the video should be in 720p (1280×720) or above.
    3. The shooting should be done indoors with a simple background and sufficient lighting, avoid back lights or being in poor light. The recording should be in a quiet environment.
    4. The entire video must clearly show the contestants’ face, entire musical instrument and posture.
    5. When shooting, the camera should be stable without any camera movement (including zoom in/ out).
    6. Where accompanist(s) is/ are part of the performance, they should be in view.
    7. Only contestants, accompanists and page-turners should be visible on screen.
    8. Video entries should not contain obscene, indecent, defamatory, insinuating, libelous or violent content. No foul languages or actions, or content that violates the law of HKSAR are allowed.
    9. Contestants should ensure all files submitted are complete and match the requirements specified by the organisers. Otherwise, the evaluation shall be affected.